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Automac produces automation systems for various fields of application: from automotive to special machines, from the hosiery sector to heat regulation.

Applications « Heat regulation

Automation plants for heat regulation

Heat regulation is a room temperature automatic regulation system.
Its task is to make sure that the plant supplies the heating or cooling strictly necessary to reach the conditions decided by the user (temperature set), spreading it where, when and how much is required into the building.

Heat regulation can be:

  • by area, where there is a room thermostat that controls the simultaneous supply of heat in several rooms
  • by individual environment, where room temperature regulation devices are present, which operate on each heating appliance (thermostatic valves, thermostats on the fan coil units, thermostats acting on the electrothermal valves of the manifold)

The climatic compensation (control unit with external probe) is not a heat regulation system; it is just an aid to heat regulation. With heat regulation the following advantages can be obtained:

  • enhancement of the free supplies (any heat source different from the heating plant)
  • enhancement of the insulation interventions, even partial, of the building

If heat regulation is also just for an individual room, the following additional advantages are obtained:

  • excellent enhancement of the free supplies
  • automatic balancing of the plant
  • overdimensioned heating appliances can be used

A heat regulation plant design must contain:

  • the list of devices to be installed and their features
  • the parameters to be set in all electronic devices
  • verification of correct operation

Examples of automation plants for heat regulation produced by Automac: