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A few examples of what Automac’s know-how and experience are able to realise in the industrial automation field.


The main projects carried out by Automac Technology

Some of the most prestigious automation plants realised by Automac in the following sectors:

We realise control boards and control software for stacker cranes, descenders, automatic warehouses and dedicated machines.

Machine tool retrofitting. We realise automation plants for transfer machines and assembly and inspection machines.

Hardware and software development for machines dedicated to the hosiery sector.

Software development for heat regulation systems or control units.

Design and production of control boards for automatic concrete mixing plants. Automation of work islands for bending, boring and welding scaffolding.

We realise control systems for printing machines:
  • ink container colour level and ink consumption count management
  • good/reject copy count management with plc web server on KBA24 and KBA48 machines
  • good/reject copy count management with hmi panel on Komori machine

Due to outdating, or in some cases the very quick evolution of the equipment used in industrial automation, Automac carries out targeted interventions for hardware and software updates on different types of machines.

We develop software for industrial automation and process controls in general. We assess the resources necessary for managing the application and we propose different set-ups to obtain the best results. We use state-of-the-art equipment and implement the operational specifications agreed with the customer on the same.