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From the design to production of the industrial automation plants, up to the supply of the correlated documentation and assistance for correct installation and commissioning of the same.

Services « Design

Design of electric control boards and plants for industrial automation

Every plant realised by Automac Technology is the result of an articulated and complex pathway, whose most important step is the design phase. Automac Technology has a technical department that designs electric control boards and plants for industrial automation. The company uses top quality, technologically advanced instruments to design both hardware and software base components, which make up an automation plant:

Hardware for industrial automation
  • wiring diagrams
  • materials list
  • purchase of materials
  • electric control board
  • wiring on the machine
Software for industrial automation
  • plc software
  • cnc software
  • hmi, panel pc, scada software
  • motion control software
  • web server software

Production and safety are fundamental points in design. The designs are developed and carried out with full respect to the Standards in force, in compliance with the Machinery Directive and Community Directives.

The Automac wiring diagrams are realised with software packets based on the Autodesk standard (dwg-dxf); they can be provided in pdf format for easy consultation. The symbols used in the wiring diagram are standard and are given in the key.

The control and interfacing software realised are structured, modular, flexible and easy to update. Thanks to the experience acquired, Automac can create particularly detailed man-machine interfaces, which guarantee user-friendliness and quick diagnosis of the automatic plant.

Process monitoring is developed with particular attention to integration with the production management and data logging via reports, databases, graphics, etc.

Some hardware design tools

Some software design tools