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03 August 2015
Grazioli: FL/SV 2v8 mtr.546/15 Martor SpA (TO)
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28 July 2015
Test new Panel PC TD900 Pixsys
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24 April 2015
Tiber : Tanks level control system
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04 July 2014
Grazioli SE/8pr Dytech Turkey (GR14002)
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08 April 2014
Business trip in Contitech Germany GR14001
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21 March 2014
Energy meter graphic interface
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19 March 2014
Option energy meter on SE/8PR Grazioli
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06 March 2014
Positive testing new software management machine SE/8PR Grazioli 2014
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11 February 2014
New operator panel SE/8PR Grazioli 2014
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31 January 2014
The new hardware project of automation machine SE/8PR Grazioli 2014 is ready
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29 August 2016
Horizontal device lengths control ADMO

It is a device intended to operator for length control of the pieces output from the machines.
A SIMPLE and FAST device for facilitate the operator controls on the finished piece.
(range lengths:100..2000mm - resolution:0,01mm - linearity:0,03mm)