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22 October 2018
Process automation packaging women's collants
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10 July 2018
Complete electrical revamping Giustina grinding machine
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12 December 2017
Automation process for stockings folding ribbons and inserters
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10 April 2017
ADMO2.0 Dimensional control device

10 October 2016
Grazioli:FL/SV 2v12 mtr.524/16 Maflow (Polonia)
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29 August 2016
Horizontal device lengths control ADMO
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05 August 2016
MDX61 SEW lift pick-up 4 Iveco (BS)
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09 May 2016
Grazioli: FL/SV 2v8 mtr.571/16 Martor SpA (TO)
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08 February 2016
Grazioli:FL/SV 2v12 mtr.523/15 Maflow (Poland)
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01 September 2015
Grazioli: FL/SV 2v8 mtr.546/15 Martor SpA (TO)
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10 April 2017
ADMO2.0 Dimensional control device

ADMO2.0 is a dimensional control device for measuring piece lengths.
It works like a digital caliber, but with the following advantages:
1 - Supports for optimum positioning of the piece
2 - Detection of the piece between the fixed and the mobile stopper (valid measurement)
3 - Measuring button located in the knob of the carriage mobile and main console
4 - Possibility to input or store measurement from mechanical drawing/master piece
5 - Measurement functions measured between two points (internal/external) on the piece diameter/pipe
6 - Print and record measurements done (paper sticky or oil-resistant propylene labels, dim. 89x36mm)
7 - Graphic measurements using spreadsheet in excel
8 - Remote access to data through ftp browser

Pipe diameters range 8-35mm/35-70mm
Maximum measurable length 2000 mm
Resolution 0.02mm, repeatability 0.02mm, linearity 0.05mm